01.Super Woman
The Super Woman who is Strong, Intelligent and Angry. She fights against injustice and speaks out everything she thinks and feels.  

02.Bunte*r Bo/Colorful Bo
In the meet me at the market module, I had the opportunity to design and launch a product within five weeks. I decided to redevelop a classic Swiss card game. This game comes from the original "black Peter", which in the past was associated with racist, stereotypical and Eurocentric ideologies. This game shows you a small part of this diversity and thus brings the possibility for the development of each individual. So does overcoming societal barriers and institutional discrimination for each:n individual.

03.Club Poster
In cooperation with Club Kauz in Zurich, we developed posters for different events.These we have subsequently printed with screen printing.

04.Topless bathing
The debate of topless bathing is always a topic at the Zurich lido. Many want to desexualize their breasts and have the freedom to decide when to swim topless. Until now it is still forbidden.

05.The Appointment (Video)
For the module topic "Jeans" we were allowed to choose a jeans object to stage it cinematically. We decided on the suitcase because it offers many possibilities and is very mysterious.